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Endless Pools Streamline®


The All-in-One Endless Pool

The entry-level Streamline gives you Endless Pools quality in one complete, affordable package. The Streamline includes everything you need for a fully finished pool at one low price.

Our most compact swimming pool, the Streamline conveniently installs aboveground in existing rooms. Imagine turning your garage or any ground-floor room into your own private oasis for swimming, fitness, and fun!

The Streamline features a custom-engineered, airless swim current – smooth, swimmable, and far superior to competing jetted systems. With a lower top speed than our signature, industry-best swim current, it's perfectly paced for the recreational freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke swimmer.

The pool's simplified, freestanding design allows for the fastest installation of any Endless Pools products. View Streamline Specifications.

The dream of swimming at home starts here!

Request more information and see for yourself how an Endless Pool can improve your quality of life.

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Streamline Specifications:
1.52m x 3.35m swimming area
1.14m water depth
Modular steel construction
2.5-hp swim current generator
53.34cm x 17.78cm water outlet grill
Retractable Security Cover
Poolside systems control
4-kW electric heater
Skimmer filter
30amp, 230v GFCI max. power requirement
All-inclusive kit, with select options available.
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